Dr. Stephanie Peters JD, LCSW

Stephanie Peters, JD, LCSW was born and raised in New Haven, CT where she lived most of her life. She comes from very humble beginning and  the last of 7 siblings who was raised by their single mother in the urban community of New Haven County. 

Dr. Peters experienced loss at the very tender age as she was a mere 7 years old child. She was then raised by her surviving oldest teenage sisters. Dr. Peters experience many hardships throughout her childhood and teen years. She met her father at age 23 and he died by the time she reached 25 years old, but she was determined to survive in a way where she would someday overcome her struggles. Dr. Peters has a strong spiritual background as she was raised in the church her entire life. Hobbies and talents include dancing, singing, learning about natural remedies to heal medical conditions, working out, studying the Bible, hosting events and parties, and loving her family. Dr. Peters was married for 23 years and raised 4 children who have grown to be incredible citizens. All of which are college graduates and striving in their engineering and graphic art careers.

Dr. Peters holds two undergraduate degrees. Her first degree was earned in 1998 in business management and the second degree in Psychology was earned in 2002. She holds a Master's degree in  Clinical Social Work where she graduated from Fordham University in New York in 2005. Dr. Peters primary work has been helping women and children for 12 of the 18 years of her practice in clinical social work. She later returned to school to receive her Juris Doctor Degree after an unfortunate divorce  in 2011, moved to Warner Robins, Georgia in 2018, and married the man of her dreams, Chef Adrian Peters in September 2020 and she inherited a "bonus" from their marriage.  Dr.Peters specializes in trauma and grief therapy and teaches her clients how to adjust to life-changes and better manage stress. Her years of hardships and experience incites her passion to help others who have previously tried everything to overcome their struggles. Dr. Peters is determined to empower her community one individual at a time. She balances her personal life with travel the world and helping her community.

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